About Us

ASPiRA LABS is an innovative specialty medical technology lab founded by Vermillion, Inc. a leader in women’s health diagnostics. Our goal is to provide high quality, innovative testing for women to help address unmet health needs. ASPiRA’s specialized services are grounded in evidence-based medicine, while providing access to novel biomarker diagnostic tools designed to help health care professionals offer the most precise diagnoses and treatment guidance for their patients.


ASPiRA LABS features a team of skilled professionals who are focused on meeting the needs of our customers. We are 100 percent dedicated to women’s health. Our experts take the time to provide thorough, personalized and clear results – ensuring you have what you need to make quality decisions faster, with objective information grounded in evidence-based medicine. We provide results in a timely manner, and our responsiveness is embedded in a core belief in quality customer service. ASPiRA offers industry-leading diagnostic platforms developed in partnership with top women’s health experts from major medical centers such as the Johns Hopkins University and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.